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“Music for Humanity”: bursting onto the international music scene in 2020, Catbird is an Australian Indie band with a passion for creating and performing original music from the heart.


Catbird songs express authentic, independent observations about life, love, emotion, and the world through music, lyrics, sound, and vision. Highly original and influenced by an eclectic pool of artists and lyrical styles, Catbird music is compelling and thought provoking – and simply fantastic to listen to.

our motivation

our motivation

Catbird is unique in that we produce music to touch the heart and mind, with the ultimate goal of actively inspiring and affecting both internal and external change for a better world. Our music is composed for live performances and to genuinely touch the emotions of our fans.


The band’s vision for triggering positive change is to lift the spirit of and human cohesion through simply beautiful, captivating music – the great human connector.

Who is Catbird?

Phill Small Vocalist & keyboards
Mia McDonald Vocalist & guitar
Nadia Knight Vocalist & keyboards
Brendan Paniagua Bass & guitar

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Soundtrack My Life Lyrics

Soundtrack My Life Lyrics

Don’t hear though your lips are moving If you believe, but I don’t see Ultimately, I want to change a mood   Feel like throwing

“Soundtrack My Life”, Catbird’s second single, launches on 25th April 2021!

“Soundtrack My Life”, Catbird’s second single, launches on 25th April 2021!

After a long process of revisions, mastering (and remastering), Catbird is delighted to announce the April 25th launch of their second single “Soundtrack My Life”

Discover Catbird music for yourself and share our passion for music from and for the heart.

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