Dare Lyrics

Lyrics for Catbirds new song Dare.

They see blue and black

But she only sees white and gold

They keep going back, hanging on to yesterday 

Stay there believing 


Deny seas will rise

Melting ice caps north and south

Burnin’ habitat, cutting life and oxygen

Rivers are drying


It is when she insists it is more they resist 

It’s the more they resist it is when she insists 


Doot, doot, doo, doo ….


She sees white and gold

Stubborn remnants of the past

A generation can’t, undo cause of tainted skies

Trapped in a cycle


See tomorrow now

Learn from different truth

Dare to form a path, letting go of yesterday

There’s hope in movin on



We will never see a moment of the day while we are torn apart

We will neither know the reasons  why it ended as we fall apart


Dare to protest – two, three join in

Cities march on – emergency