Interview with Mia McDonald

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your role in the band is?

I’m currently a full time music student at the Australian Institute of Music where I major in music theatre. I am one of the lead vocalists and rhythm guitarist of the band. I’m very passionate about singing and music.


What first got you into music? / Who inspired you?

I’ve always been into the performing arts, I knew from the ripe age of seven I wanted be a singer. I grew up loving dancing, dressing up as a character and singing. My childhood music industry crush was Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. I’ve always loved the music formed on guitar and piano. My love for music developed when I fell in love with music theatre. I’m a very theatrical person, however I am quite shy. Theatre was a way for me to express that side of me. I discovered theatrical bands and artists, particularly Queen, who then inspired me to develop a love for music begin song writing.


Who would you most like to collaborate with one day?

Stevie Nicks or Billy Joel or possibly both. Their song writing abilities just astonish me. I love telling stories and making up stories and that’s something I believe these artists do with their songs.


If you could improve one thing in the world, what would it be?

Compassion for one another and the world. Nowadays it feels like everyone is too focused on themselves and the negativity in the world. What people forget is all the beauty and wonder there is in the world and it’s such a shame that people don’t take notice of it.


If not music, what would you be doing in life?

I never have thought I would be doing any thing else to be honest. If not music, performing or teaching people my passion.


How would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard your music yet?

‘Catbird’ explores many different styles of music within our own sound which I would describe as down to earth but very atmospheric.


What’s your favourite song of all time?

I don’t have a favourite song because I love too many. I tend to change my favourite go-to song if I’m listening to a new artist/ band. Currently my favourite is ‘February Start’ by the Foo Fighters


“Music for humanity” “Make the world a better place” – tell us what that means to you and how your music aims to accomplish this?

We make music for the people and for the earth. We make music for positivity and the environment.