“Soundtrack My Life”, Catbird’s second single, launches on 25th April 2021!

After a long process of revisions, mastering (and remastering), Catbird is delighted to announce the April 25th launch of their second single “Soundtrack My Life” on all major streaming services and online stores! Australia’s new indie band returns on the back of their debut single “Dare” with a chilled-out groove that is guaranteed to get you moving! The lyricism speaks of music as an escape from the relentless tempo of modern life and taking some time out to appreciate the finer things. Set to a music video with stunning visuals inspired by the classic 1982 film “Blade Runner”, the single is the perfect soundtrack to the optimism of 2021 as we begin to rebuild from the pandemic, political turmoil and international tensions that characterised the previous year.


“Soundtrack My Life” is available for purchase on the album tab of the website, and the music video is available for viewing on Catbird’s YouTube channel. Happy listening!