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What is Music for Humanity?

Catbird’s passion and mission as a band are to create and share Music for Humanity – music that touches hearts and minds and has the power to inspire and elicit real change for the better.


But what is “Music for Humanity”?


The concept of Music for Humanity derives from an interview which aired on NHK (Japan’s equivalent of Australia’s ABC and Great Britain’s BBC) amid the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020.


Three diverse prominent global thinkers participated, and were interviewed by Japanese commentator Doden Aiko:

  • French Economist Jacques Attali
  • Israeli Historian Yuval Noah Harari
  • American Political Scientist Ian Bremmer

Guitar close upThe focus of the interview was on how civilization has been struggling to find ways to overcome the unprecedented global health crisis, as the pandemic suddenly changed the entire world in the blink of an eye in early 2020. Yet while we are deep in crisis and globally crying out for strong, empathic, effective leadership, these challenges are also presenting a unique opportunity – to reset our global economy, our relationship with the natural world, our lifestyles and priorities as people, what we demand from our leaders, and how we relate to each other on both the micro and macro levels.


Despite originating from different parts of the world and different backgrounds, all three of these experts interviewed ultimately reached the same conclusion: civilization is at a critical turning point, and the way forward for all of us beyond the pandemic and into the future will be to realise, recognise, and embrace our collective humanity.


What is “humanity?” It is a simple word which encompasses so much. Not only does humanity refer on the most basic level to the human race (i.e. every single person on planet Earth) but also how we relate to each other. Humanity refers to the relationship between who we are as a species, how we behave towards each other and all other living things, and how we identify ourselves globally.


Humankind as a whole must learn, shift our values, and review our priorities ahead. We need to understand our over-reaching power over all aspects of the non-human world, change how we relate to and treat our planet, and nurture rather than harm Mother Earth. We also need to rediscover and embrace our humanity towards each other – respect and protect human life. In short, we must celebrate, improve, and cultivate our positive relationships with each other.


Humanity is One – regardless of our race, gender, religion, country of origin, socio-economic status, sexuality, or any other “point of difference”- we are all members of the global human family and much more connects than separates us. And Planet Earth is the only home we have – we must look after her.


Together, we can all change for the better.


Catbird takes inspiration from this message of hope and is very proud to create Music for Humanity – music and lyrics which are not only composed and performed to entertain, but also to inspire. When we internally change how we feel and how we view the world, we change externally as a natural progression – and this is how we can create a better, happier, more peaceful and loving world for all of us and all other living things.