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Introducing Catbird the Band – Australian Indie Group

Introducing Catbird!

Catbird is excited to launch onto the Australian and international music scene!

Who are we? Catbird is an Indie band comprised of talented artists: Phill Small (vocals & keyboards), Mia McDonald (vocals & guitar), Nadia Knight (vocals & keyboard), Brendan Paniagua (bass & guitar) and Beau de Casanove (drums).

All band members have had a lifelong passion and natural talent for music and the creative arts. Each brings their own unique talents, style, and influences, creating new stances and approaches.

Also unique are the styles and motivation of the band. Catbird songs are “Music for Humanity”. Catbird compositions are original and produced with the aim of touching the hearts and minds of listeners.

With the world in the state it’s in, from cultural separation to disease, and issues relating to environment, race, and politics, many of us are feeling helpless, disconnected, and struggling with hope for the future. Catbird strives to offer sincere hope for the future.

The band’s vision is to lift spirits through music for the greater good and create positive, real change in the minds of listeners. Through this internal change, external change for the better should follow.
Catbird is produced by new music label Featherway Music.

First Single: Dare
Catbird’s first single Dare is out now. A unique and hauntingly beautiful song, its emphasis lies on global issues. It was inspired in part by the environmental activism of Greta Thunberg and her perspective that we are collectively facing an existential crisis due to climate change.

Dare can be downloaded or streamed from Spotify or the band’s website,

Catbird has a range of live gigs planned both locally and overseas.
Join us on our journey to a better world through thoughtful and thought-provoking music with heart.

Follow their schedule here: